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Key West New Boat Models

Our Key West Showroom

In 1986, Hutch Holseberg dreamt of building a different kind of boat. A boat that didn’t sacrifice quality for cost. A boat that every family could be proud to park in their driveway. A boat that would mean more than the parts that made it—a boat built by fisherman, for fisherman.

And after years of hard work, that’s exactly what he did.
Today, Key West Boats is a family of passionate employees still working hard to deliver a product that places equal importance on both quality and value. We take great pride in our final product, and we’re committed to building a boat, and customer relationship, that lasts. We do that by bringing an artist’s attention to detail to every square inch of space, from the drive, to the ride, to the cast and catch. Because we know that the memories you make on the water are the memories that last a lifetime. And we want them all to be perfect.

Just like Hutch, our customers are hard workers harboring a dream.
So whether you dream of stretching out beneath a T-top after a long week at work, standing on a deck to teach your child how to cast their first line or catching that final Sunday sunset as the weekend winds down, we’re here to provide that welcome refuge from life’s daily grind—because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to unwind on the water.